Bereket Emeklilik

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Bereket Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. - Ethics and Principles

Bereket Emeklilik expects all its employees to comply with the highest standards of business ethics and to manage and conduct their affairs in accordance with ethical, attentive, professional, and legal standards.

These principles are fundamentally important for Bereket Emeklilik within the rules, and failure to comply with these rules may lead to disciplinary action.

These principles determine the professional ethics that Bereket Emeklilik A.Ş. and its employees must follow when carrying out their duties within the framework of current laws and regulations.

All Company employees, directors, and board members shall comply with these principles.

All employees of the Company shall perform their duties in accordance with the following general principles to ensure confidence and stability in the insurance sector during operations and prevent transactions and practices that could harm the economy.

No employee is allowed to say, write, announce, advertise, or insinuate anything that could create a negative image of the other companies in the insurance sector or their directors. All employees must act in accordance with the Company's reputation in their relationships with each other and with customers.

All Employees shall respect the confidentiality of the information provided by customers and obtained within the Company and shall not disclose any information regarding customers or other third parties to gain an advantage.

Engaging in behaviors and activities contrary to the rules made by the Company’s authorized bodies that are binding for all employees and managers.

Using the advantages granted to the sector within the framework of the laws during its activities to benefit customers in a way that is contrary to the points explained under these principles and included in the reasoning of the legal regulations regarding insurance, even if this is formally in accordance with the laws.

Engaging in activities that are incompatible with the industry’s interests and benefits.

Engaging in behaviors that will lead to unfair competition in the industry.