Contact your nearest agencies to discover and purchase the best policy for you from among the other products. You can secure yourself and your loved ones with Bereket.

Bereket Workplace Insurance

Insure your workplace, machinery, fixtures, commodities, and all your other insurable valuables against possible risks. Choose from among the additional coverages in addition to the main coverages and create the best policy for your requirements.

Bereket SME Insurance

With their volume of business and their contribution to employment, SMEs are our country’s lifeblood. They can now purchase comprehensive coverage against operational risks with the BEREKET SME PACKAGE.

Bereket Common Areas Insurance

Bereket Common Areas insurance covers your apartment block’s or estate’s common areas and the fixtures, machinery, installations, and similar valuable items against possible risks.

Hotel Package Insurance

Hotel Package Insurance covers all types of hotels, motels, holiday resorts, and housing complexes against the risks that may occur during their activities.

Bereket Fuel Insurance

This is an insurance product that provides full protection for filling stations and covers many risks that could occur.

State Supported Accounts Receivable Insurance

This is an insurance product that covers the risk of non-payment of debts arising from unsecured forward sales made by SMEs. It provides coverage when a buyer with an extended line of credit defaults on payment due to bankruptcy, concordat, liquidation, and similar legal circumstances.

Bereket Professional Liability Insurance for Elevators

Professional Liability Insurance for Elevators is a type of insurance that covers the bodily harm and material damage that third parties could suffer as a result of an accident involving a regularly maintained elevator.

Commodities Transportation Insurance

This is a kind of insurance that covers the damage and losses your cargo could suffer when being transported from one place to another via any means of transport (sea, air, land, or rail).

Domestic Carrier Liability Insurance

This covers the legal liabilities of companies that transport cargo by road domestically for the goods they carry.

Yacht Insurance

Yacht Insurance covers damages that may occur to your yacht and its hull, valuable equipment on it, all electronic and mechanical equipment, machinery, service boats bearing its name, and the equipment and hardware bought and sold with the yacht.

Boat-Building Insurance

It covers the risks that may occur during the construction of the boat when it is put on the slipway, including the risks of launching the boat and testing.

Boat Insurance

Boat and Machinery Insurance provides coverage against the risks that any marine vessel used to transport cargo for commercial purposes (tanker, dry bulk cargo ship, bulk cargo ship, sea bus, tugboat, floating crane, floating dock, etc.) can encounter at sea.