Private Pension System

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Whatever your working conditions, start securing your future now with Bereket Private Pension and its countless advantages.

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The private pension system complements the current public social security system and its main purpose is to ensure that the regular savings made by people throughout their working lives are directed to investment and to enable the welfare level they had when they were saving to continue in their retirement with the savings they accrued.

Anyone with the civil rights, including newborns, may join the private pension system.

Participation is entirely voluntary and is backed by a 30% state contribution.

A person becomes entitled to pension after completing their 56th year of age provided they have been in the system for at least 10 years. An additional 30% of each contribution you make is credited to your state contribution account under your contract. For every 100 TL contribution you deposit, the state adds a 30 TL contribution to your participant sub-account.

Please click here for the details of private pension for foreigners to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Contact your nearest agencies  to determine the most appropriate private pension plan for your needs and get it started.